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Informing you as a prospective student about student loans is the most important thing we want to achieve with this website. There is a lot of information on the internet about a student loan, but you never know which information is really important and true. We hope to change that for you. Not only do we provide objective reporting, we also provide a clear overview of all options that you have as a prospective student. A student loan must only be applied for after long deliberation, you don’t do that just like that. Student loans are different from normal loans, keep this in mind. The interest that you pay for a student loan is lower than with another type of loan. That sounds nice and it is. You really have to be a student to get a student loan, so not everyone is eligible.

Circumstances surrounding borrowing

There are many circumstances that partly determine what your student loan will look like and whether you can get one at all. First, it is almost always a requirement that you do a college education or study at the university. With a lower education, a student loan is not really an option, there are few providers who start it. If you do qualify for a student loan (so you probably do HBO or WO), the study you do also determines the type of loan you receive. In addition, your parents’ income, your home situation, etc. play an important role. A student loan is not a fixed loan for everyone, but such a loan depends on many different factors.

Cost of a student loan

Cost of a student loan

Nothing is free in this world and that certainly applies to the student loan, but unlike a regular loan, a student loan is not expensive. There are options where you have to pay very little as a student. Indeed, luckily. A single provider even offers the option for a free loan when you complete the study in one go. Those are the options that you would like to read more about and we will certainly let you do this on this website. Go to the other pages on this site to find out more about borrowing as a student.

Student grants

We have of course started this website to inform you about student loans . Still it seemed nice to the visitor to get some more information about money matters around a student. An important part of this is student finance. Student finance is a monthly amount that a student gets paid into his account by the government. So it’s a kind of helping hand from the state, very tasty. The amount of that money amount depends on various factors, including your home situation and your current income. It is very important that you follow your study financing well-informed so that you do not miss out on any money. We hope to help you with this, so that in addition to a loan you also get a nice amount for free. Because be honest, don’t we all want that?


DUO stands for Education Implementation Service and DUO is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In short: DUO is the government. You can apply for your student loan from this body. As you can see on the website, this procedure is based on a number of questions. What training do you do? How old are you? How much do your parents earn? Answers to such questions determine how much money you receive as a student loan. So you just have to answer the questions on the site and the result will follow. It couldn’t be easier.

No snag

No snag

With this type of message about ‘free money’ you immediately get the idea that there is a snag. But that is absolutely not the case with student finance and there is a simple reason for this: this is offered by the government, not by a commercial body. You can therefore go after the stufi with confidence, you will not be fooled. It is a monthly contribution from the state to your wallet, but you must be interested in that.


You may know enough about loans and student loans by now, but then you come to the next question: where should I apply for a student loan? The answer is not that simple, partly due to the dozens of student loan providers that you can find in the Netherlands. In addition, we cannot choose for you, because your own opinion is rather important. We can, however, make a selection from all those banks that offer student loans, and we have done so. In our opinion, the benches below are the best options for you. We have added an explanation for each bank, so that you can make the final choice yourself. But rest assured: you’re comfortable anyway, the benches below are excellent. We also keep this page extremely up to date, so you don’t have to worry about any changes to the student loans mentioned.

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