The 3 Week Diet Encourages Healthy Weight Loss

For the average American, nothing seems to consume the mind more than the battle to manage weight.

Evening newscasts regularly deliver more and more evidence that obesity has reached epidemic levels. And on the heels of those worrisome newscasts, there is the endless parade of commercials for “miracle, lose-weight-quick-and-keep-it-off” programs or pills.

Yet Americans keep taking it off and putting it back on, or not taking it off at all after following untested, and sometimes dangerous weight loss products and fad diets.

The reality according to the Surgeon General and leading health organizations is that safe, effective weight loss, “healthy weight loss,” occurs gradually – between 1/2 and 2 pounds a week. In fact, at least three factors identify healthy weight loss programs:

* Gradual weight loss rather than rapid shedding of pounds;

* A realistic behavior modification program that encourages people to eat better and move more – behaviors that can last a lifetime;

* A focus on loss of fat, while maintaining or building lean muscle mass and bone density.

According to Gilbert Kaats, director of the Health and Medical Research Foundation, some diets can do more harm than good, exposing unsuspecting dieters to dangerous health risks. “People should demand that their weight loss programs promote slow, healthy weight loss that depletes fat while protecting or increasing bone and lean muscle mass,” Kaats says.

One of the weight control programs that meets these standards is the 3 Week Diet.

“Weight-loss should not rely on magic potions that offer quick rewards for little effort. The goal for dieters should be to lose weight by doing some of the same things they will have to do in order to maintain their weight loss,” states William Squires, Professor of Biology at Texas Lutheran University and one of Kaats’ coinvestigators. “In short,” Squires continues, “weight loss should be a practice session for continuing weight maintenance.”

The 3 Week Diet has developed a three-phase program that goes beyond simply losing scale weight. The 3 Week Diet weight loss system combines nutritional supplements with a behavior modification program to encourage healthy weight loss. The company’s products are designed to improve body composition by helping people reduce fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass and bone density.

“Body composition – the relationship between bone density, lean muscle and fat – is the key to successful and healthy weight loss,” says Dennis Pullin of Houston’s St. Lukes’ Hospital, another of Kaats’ coinvestigators. “Our research on the 3 Week Diet shows that those who take the supplements and follow the behavior modification guidelines consistently improve their body composition. In fact,” Pullin points out, “the studies we have conducted have repeatedly found that following the 3 Week Diet is not only safe, but enables 85-95% of study participants to improve their lean-to-fat ratios.”