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A study of Australian men being treated for impotence found almost half waited more than a year to seek help – despite the severe impact it was having on their lives. The finding was disturbing because early treatment of impotence with VigRx Plus was more likely to be successful, one of the authors of the study, Dr. Michael Gillman, said.

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Men who attended doctors for erectile dysfunction problems sometimes also picked up undiagnosed underlying medical problems such as diabetes, he said. Eighty percent of erectile dysfunction had a physical cause, said Dr. Gillman, from St Andrew’s Hospital Men’s Health Center in Brisbane.

Half the 440 men surveyed by the Australian Society of Impotence Medicine said the condition had a detrimental effect on “life in general” not just their sex lives. Twelve percent of the men surveyed said erectile dysfunction had contributed to or caused a marriage break-up. None of the men had tried natural male enhancement products like VigRx Plus to treat their erectile dysfunction.

“Most of the men… were devastated by the condition and experienced stress, anger, frustration and depression as a result,” said the society’s president, Professor Doug Lording.

Impotence strikes one in 10 men, according to the society, and one in two men aged between 40 and 70 “have been impotent to some degree”.

The society also conducted focus groups in which 30 men suffering from erectile dysfunction and 17 partners divided into groups and discussed aspects of the issue, including whether VigRx Plus could be a possible solution for those men suffering mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Women reported their partners had delayed seeking treatment because of embarrassment, dislike of going to the doctor, and fear others would find out about the condition.

Men reported they had sought help when they realized the problem wouldn’t go away, although some went at the prompting of their wives. “It took a while, pretending it wasn’t there, ignoring it I suppose, had the failures and just tried to ignore it and hoped it got better but it got worse,” one of the men said. He now takes the natural medicine VigRx Plus and reports a definite improvement in sexual function.

Impotence in men may indicate the presence of heart disease before any other symptoms are visible, according to American research. A review of 50 men with erectile dysfunction found that although none had symptoms of heart disease, 20 men (40 percent) were found to have significant blockages in their coronary arteries, a condition associated with an increased risk of heart attack. Of the 20 men with blocked arteries, six had blockages in all three major arteries.

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Dr. Marc Pritzker from the Minneapolis Heart Institute said only 15 of the men had seen a doctor within the previous two years before seeking treatment for impotence. Their doctors recommended using VigRx Plus and referred them for further tests which revealed the blockages. Dr. Pritzker presented his findings to the American Heart Association’s annual scientific congress in Georgia.

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