What is a mini loan now – Apply for a mini loan

We have talked about the mini-loan on this site before. This is because it is not only a popular form of borrowing, but also because there are many benefits to this loan. Not only can you borrow interest-free with a mini loan, but in some cases it is even possible to borrow completely free of charge!

What is the mini loan?

This loan is, just like the other forms of borrowing that we have already discussed on this site, such as borrowing money without interest, the personal loan and the revolving credit, a popular way to borrow money. A mini loan is often very easy to apply for and you will hear very quickly whether or not you will be granted the credit. If the mini loan is approved, you often have the money in your account within 20 minutes! Because you have access to the money so quickly at very low costs (or even for free!) It has become a very popular form of borrowing.

There is quite a difference between the mini-loans between Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands it is generally somewhat cheaper. For example, you can borrow for free in the Netherlands if you have a personal guarantee. This is not possible in Belgium. In Belgium, for example with Payday, you can also borrow relatively cheaply, but there are costs involved. These costs often depend on the period in which you pay back. For example, at the time of writing, a mini-loan of 15 days costs you 2 USD. For 30 days you have to pay 4 USD. Before you take out a loan, always look at the current costs and the conditions attached to these loans.

Where can I take out a mini loan?

Where can I take out a mini loan?

You can take out a mini-loan in pretty many places. On this page and on other pages of this site we have already discussed a few things about these parties and that is why we are keeping it a bit shorter than you may be used to from us. We will now only discuss 1 loan provider per country.

Netherlands: bankate
bankate is a mini-loan provider that you have probably encountered on our site more often. This is because it is our favorite. We recommend this site because the website is very simple and clear. This way you can indicate on the website exactly what amount you want to borrow and for what period. You will immediately see what the costs will be and what is expected of you. Everything here is nice and easy to arrange online and you will soon hear whether you are being granted the mini loan or not. The money is also deposited here very quickly, you often have the money in your account within 20 minutes !

Belgium: Payday
Payday is a very large international party. The website of is almost identical to bankate in terms of functionality. However, the biggest difference is in the costs. A 15-day loan currently costs 2 USD and a 30-day loan costs 4 USD. For the rest it is also very easy and quick to arrange online and you get your money deposited quickly.

As you can see, the mini loan is a very attractive form of borrowing. Always check the site of the mini-loan provider for the conditions and costs.

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